About The Ignition

The Ignition is a meditative sci-fi/horror album that navigates the listener through a fantastic translation of everyday life. Quintessential voices from two beloved genres will guide you on your journey, where you’ll channel your inner power in a realm of bizarre creatures… who you know to be your enemies.

Psycho Bastardo X Barbarian Rage

Barbarian Rage is a toy company owned by Scott Cherry that specializes in the creation of toys that tantalize our love for the 70s, 80s, and 90s through an otherworldly gaze that can’t be matched. Scott’s craft and expertise is what inspired Hunter Wayne, of Psycho Bastardo Creations, to reach out to Barbarian Rage to develop The Ominaut toy. Scott was the perfect person to highlight the importance, spirituality, and weirdness of sci-fi & horror to life through a unique toy design.

The Omninaut is a creature of sea and space that embodies the essence of our voyage through life is with limitless possibility. This limited edition collaboration is a toy filled with hours exclusive material that will not be included in any other edition of The Ignition. 

What lies within The Omninaut is an extensive and deep dive into the world of the album. Learn more about The Omninaut’s features below…


The hidden USB 3.0 head inside The Omninaut contains over 4 hours of bonus features. Including the isolated soundscapes of The ignition by Andrew Kantos, Carla Patullo’s full score, interviews with the voice actors, and high resolution artwork by Scott Cherry, Victoria Orolfo, and Livio Ramondelli.


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